Boxing: the Game - a Simultaneous Play Card Battler

Tactical Deckbuilding & Dueling with No Expansions Required.

Master the Sweet Science

with Boxing: The Game




Low Floor, High Ceiling

Fun First

Experience endless replayability as you explore a family friendly combat sports game featuring thrilling gameplay.

True to Sport

Dive into authentic boxing tactics with a 1v1 battler that captures the essence of the ring, appealing to fighting fans and gamers alike.

Balanced Gameplay

Enjoy a level playing field where strategy and skill determine the champion, perfect for competitive tabletop gamers.

Low Floor, High Ceiling

Easy to learn yet challenging to master, offering depth for strategists and accessibility for new players.

Learn the Ropes

Your First Round is Just Minutes Away

Choose Your Champion

15 Diverse Characters,

Countless Strategies

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What makes "Boxing: the Game" unique in the tabletop genre?

"Boxing: The Game" stands out as the only simultaneous-play battler for two, perfectly simulating real-life boxing combat. Its unique blend of Deckbuilding, Bluffing, Character Progression, Drafting, Multiple Victory Conditions, and Endless Replayability offers a novel and immersive experience.

Do I need to purchase expansions or additional cards to enjoy the full experience?

No, you don't. "Boxing: The Game" is designed to be a complete experience right out of the box. There are no additional cards or expansions required, ensuring you have everything you need from the start.

Can beginners easily pick up "Boxing: The Game"?

Absolutely. The game is crafted to be light enough for a child to learn while they play, ensuring accessibility to newcomers. Yet, it offers enough depth and strategy to engage even the most experienced players, like chess masters, in competitive matches.

4. How does "Boxing: The Game" ensure a balanced gameplay experience?

Balance is at the core of "Boxing: The Game." Through meticulously designed mechanics and a wide variety of strategic options available to players, the game rewards skillful decisions and strategies, supporting a sustainable tournament scene.

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